- 2008: The Letter 3 retired.
After two fun years of rocking in Berlin, The Letter 3 has retired. Thank you all for your support! For more funk and rock, please check out our new Band: Maskulini!
- September 1st 2007: Mokum Gig cancelled.
Due to lack of communication from the place, we have decided not to play there for the time being.
- August 21st 2007: New Date for Mokum Gig!
Due to sudden illness, the Mokum show had to be postponed. The new date will be announced shortly.
- May 26th 2007: The Letter 3 in MySpace!
Since everyone else does, we also decided to get ourselves a MySpace account! Visit us HERE, be our friend, and leave us humorous comments!
- May 12th 2007: Thank you for rocking!
We had a lot of fun playing at the SO36 last night, thank you all for coming and rocking out with us! Competition was very strong, many great bands, so we did not move on to the final. Congratulations to Aret and Zirkus Mandolini - awesome performances, a victory well deserved.
Our performance was recorded by the soundman, we should be getting the tracks in about three weeks. If they're any good, you can be sure to find them here soon! In the meantime, we are getting ready for our next concert at the Acud Sessioncafe - hopefully we will see you there!
- March 17th 2007: 1st place at Emergenza!
Thanks to everyone who came and made our first performance at Emergenza a success! We had a blast playing, despite some technical difficulties. A big thank you goes to the 3apes for helping us out when the guitar string broke - very cool guys, and they played some rocking music, too!
- March 15th 2007: Demo-CD finished!
We finally finished our first Demo EP "Doubly True"! We are still waiting on the cd covers before we can sell the actual CD's, but in the meantime, you can listen to all the songs right here!
- February 21st 2007: Teaser clip of our Demo cd online
Our first demo EP "Doubly True" is almost finished. We are still working on the final mix, artwork and such, but the cd will be ready and available ar our Emergenza gig on March 15th! We put a little teaser clip in the Music section - have a listen so you will know what to expect!
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